Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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Elevator Pitch

elevator.jpgThis week I joined a couple of my commercial colleagues for lunch. During the ensuing talk one of them (RH) smirked and told me about last weeks carreer-event. A consultant for a certain IT company was interviewed for one minute and could not name a single USP for his company.

Bad consultant, bad!

You (yes you, manager and professional alike) should always have a Elevator Pitch at the ready or at the very least some keywords to describe your company in a (uncanny) pitch. Words such as Clarity, Passion, Fun and Competence (or whatever your company has as most important keywords) should spring to mind immediately. Often, the Elevator Pitch is taught only to (sales) managers or like people, but as the example below shows: be prepared, all of you (especially when walking around on a carreer event!).

Ah well, for those who want it, here’s How Not To Elevator Pitch (.mp3 file in Dutch). And, to be complete, here’s of course also some advise on Pitches.

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1 Willem { 09.23.07 at 22:35 }

Great pitch from Accenture :-)

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