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Rumour has it: Perception management

There’s a lot of management theories, including projectmanagement, line-management, expectations-management, and more. Last week, a friend of mine pointed me at the person of John Rendon and what he stands for, perception management. John Rendon is the leader of the Rendon Group, which is said to be very much responsible for creating the atmosphere where the Public Audience would be in support of a strike at Iraq. He has done so under contract for the CIA and hence the US government. The entire story is here.

The interesting part about this alleged ruse (apart from thousands of deaths, of course) is that by clever management of perception you can create a whole new truth that is not necessarily thé truth. But as long as enough people believe it to be true, it actually becomes true because actions are taken on the basis of that thought. So, history is made by he who tells his story in the most convincing way. Nothing new of course, looking at for example Nazi Germany in the WWII period.

Is Perception Management the same as lying? Not necessarily. It just means bending the truth, or leaving out certain parts of information that counter the Perception.

Wonder how that works in company culture. If enough people tell for long enough that a company acts such-and-so, will people believe it? And if they believe it, will they act upon it? And if the act upon it, will the perception have become truth?

Where is the line between PR and perception management anyway?


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