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Show me the money

Show me the money!There are many theories about getting things done and reaching the desired goals. There is methods like DSDM and Prince II, cycles like Plan-Do-Check-Act, military protocols such as OTVEM, and much more. You can recon, plan, talk, meet, write, wait for the exact right moment, and plan some more. But in the end only one thing counts. The result.

Movies are an excellent source for oneliners about this subject of course. Jerry Maguire is a movie where the message is crystal clear. Promise, talk, plan… but in the end you should just do one thing. Show me the money. Deliver. Win. That is what you are remembered by, that is what get things done, that is what changes the world. The process is, in the end, not important. The plans are not relevant. The situation does not count. The effort, no matter how great, has no meaning. Unless you win.

And that should be the core of all decisionmaking. It is not hard to fantasize about great changes, hope for the best, plan into great detail any aspect of life or work. In the end however, you must just do what must be done. This is not to say that you have to do what you want at all costs: there’s always things you have to take into account. Is this worth it? Is the effort I must make, the sacrifice I take, is it all worth it? But if it is, then you must focus. Then you can win. Then you deliver. Then you can show the money.

So set your goals, take your environment into account, calculate the sacrifices… and go for it. Deliver.

Add 1, oct 4th 2007:
After some discussion with a friend of mine, I feel I should elaborate more. In some cases, you play the game to win, but in other cases, you play the game for the game. In that case, saying ‘you are only remembered by winning, effort does not count’ is of course besides the truth.

Because if you play the game for the game, for the enjoyment, then just playing the game is in fact winning; winning a good time with your friends, because that is what it was actually about. The required result was having a good time/enjoying the game, and if you got that, then you won.

Add 2: a nice article about the same subject on Positivityblog: Just Do It


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