Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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Mail vs Mail

Read, digest, deleteI have been on a short break (3 days) and received close to a 100 emails. For some that may be a lot, for some it may be a little. Lately, there have been numerous articles about (reducing the amount of) email so I thought I’d do a little experiment: how many of these emails were directly effecting me? To that end, I counted them. For scientific experimentation the number ‘100’ is the minimum required to be considered precise, so it should fit just about right.

Of the 100 emails, fully 40 were mails that gave me some information about decisions, processes or otherwise. 16 were bulk-RFI’s that asked a whole group of people who would know this-or-that. 11 were spam-mails or sent to me from a mailinglist I had subscribed to. 8 were reports, a bunch of numbers about available people, new employees, revenue, etcetera. 6 emails actually required my personal action and another 4 were personal in nature. The remaining 15 were ‘other’ mails, such as bulk technical mailings and whatnot.

So, out of a 100 mails, only 6% required my direct attention, another 16% possibly required my actions, the rest was read, digest and delete.


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