Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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Managementday 2007

Managementday 2007This years managementday is past and over. It’s a yearly recurring event where usefulness (figures, lots of figures usually), relaxation and networking all have their place. This year it was held in The Hague, on the Malieveld (big central field) in the tents of Circus Renz. The advise was to come by train, so I of course took the motorbike. In retrospect I could have even come by car, hardly any traffic jams at all!

The day began with the obligatory figures. It is just that, obligatory, and for the most part nothing new nor exiting, but without figures a management day just wouldn’t be right! Then the almost equally obligatory Feel Good speech, but hey, if you’re doing great (and we are) you can revel and bask in your success once in a while of course. A short break and some performances by the artists later and it was time for our special guest, the chairman of the International Butler Foundation and founder of the International Butler Academy, who speeched about what makes a butler.. well, a butler. In short, it is about commitment, energy and passion. It was a nice speech (a man who has achieved a lot with little education by working hard, daring to take chances and a bit of luck) and a nice peek into an otherwise unknown world.

Penguins galore! The afternoon was spent in three sessions: a presentation by a butler about manners and decorum (which we could all use, judging by the reactions); a tour of the circus grounds (penguins galore!); and some time to play artist ourselves with tightrope, juggling equipment and more. Then, the grand finale, a complete (though a bit shortened) show with lions and clown and all!

All in all, it was a nice pastime, more to network then to really learn something, but in our specialised world of consultancy management such is an unambiguous necessity from time to time!


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