Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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RotationLast week at our Management Academy it was announced that we would incorporate jobrotation into the companies processes. Jobrotation being a cycle in which every ‘seat’ becomes vacant and can be applied to by anyone on a regular basis. Coming from the military, where jobrotation is the norm, I will give you some insights (advantages, disadvantages, prerequisites, etc) into the military jobrotation doctrine. Of coure I have been thinking about how it would actually work in a corporate environment but that theory I will leave for a later time.

If you want to incorporate jobrotation you’ll have to address issues such as (dis)advantages, processes, requirements, challenges and more. In the military, it works as follows:
– everybody does jobrotations, high to low;
– every job/seat has a clear set of requirements;
– anybody can apply for a seat, the best fitting leader is selected;
– each seat gets published and is available for applying after 2 years;
– you vacate your ‘seat’ at the last a year after it is published.

That’s the process which is, in itself, pretty simple. However, there are some specific points that you’d have to mind:
– each leader has firm and equal basis, being the military academy (officers) or military school (NCO’s);
– each ‘seat’ relies on experience of a ‘second’ for continuïty;
– for reaching higher functions an leader needs to perform operational as well as staff rotations;
– every leaders generally starts as an operational leader (platoon or group), thereby getting to know the core business of the army;
– lower functions are defined by operational training and experience and usually within the same column (infantry, artillery, etc), higher functions are more cross-expertise when strategical insights become more important then operational knowledge;

These are just a few points you’d have to address when thinking about/deciding upon an obligatory jobrotation process. I’ll keep you up to date as (if) the process continues.


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