Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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A show of decadency… or was it more?

PragueThis weekend we went to Prague with the entire company (including partners) for a 24 hour celebration of the first lustrum of the company. That means 4000 people, by plane, to a distant town for a dinner, a party and a concert. The organisation was absolutely perfect logistically as well as having several shops, cafe’s and bars locally reserved for us alone. Very, very decadent and a complete waste of money…

Or was it…?

From a managerial point of view, once in a while it is needed to show the ‘greatness’ of the company (it is one of the means to reach esprit-de-corps, another topic which I will go into later), show that to yourself, to your employees ánd to the world. In the consultancy business, you have to make great effort to facilitate the few moments you can feel together as a company. Facilitate a moment to celebrate together, be together, experience being there as a company, to show off. Meet your colleagues in a completely different environment, each of them with a huge grin on their face, clearly enjoying the rollercoaster ride that it was.

Was it worth it? That’s for each individual (and the company) to decide. At first I thought it too much a waste of money… but in retrospect, I think I can see why it was done how it was done, and it was worth it.


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