Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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Looking back on the PHP Seminar

PHP SeminarI admit I made myself nervous during the preparations of this seminar. After all, it was my first major seminar in which I was the main responsible person (together with Ibuildings’ delegate) and fortunately, it all went smoothly.

I arrived at 10AM to help prepare for the event and soon after others started coming in. So we looked over the tech, prepared the rooms, setup the laptops and beamers, all in all the usual hustle before a big event.

Official reception would start at 12 but of course the first customer to arrive was at 11:50 and the last one came in at around 14:30. After a nice lunch, the show got on the road with two separate tracks given after an opening by Ibuildings’ Ivo Jansch (that came dangerously close to a Zend sales pitch), one for managers and one for engineers. Both tracks had two subs, one about Security and one about SOA, both of course related to PHP; these were admirably filled by Sogeti’s Ruud Steeghs (SOA – enterprise), Robert van der Linde (Security – technical) and Martin Knobloch (Security – enterprise). The day was wrapped up by Cal Evans, an energy bomb and PHP devotee, whom gave us a 14 slide presentation about Mashups, RIA’s and the corporate use of them (‘Mashups are no longer cool’… go figure) and his FoxPro taint.

PHP SeminarIt all ended with a diner where clientele ate and left and our own programmers arrived and ate. In the evening the technical track was presented again, as well as Cal Evans’ keynote (now wíth code examples and of course FoxPro worship).

All in all, the day flowed like a dream and all went well. Many thanks to Ibuildings for their work and coöperation, to Cal for his trip all the way abroad and of course to the professionals who actually gave the presentations.

The slides can be found on and a personal note on Cal’s blog (and his Zend devzone blog).

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1 Cal Evans { 04.25.08 at 20:56 }

Hi Christiaan!

it was truly an honor of mine to speak at your conference. Allow me to compliment you and the entire conference staff on how smoothly things ran.

It was great to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better in the future.