Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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ChristiaanChristiaan: I am an experienced senior manager with strong background in HR, IT and Agile. My responsibilities have always been about making choices, making change and improving the companies and departments I work for – getting a clear view about where we are going, what decisions need to be made, what direction we need to take.

I am certified in several tools, both project-related (Scrum Certified Product Owner) and psychometric (personality, conflict resolving, etc).

With my broad background in Armed Forces, Retail, Finance, IT and HR, I find it fairly easy to connect with stakeholders on all levels and in many branches. And it is always about connecting people and aligning with company goals – and the balance between those. My experience has always been in international companies with multiple cultural and ethnical backgrounds, including remote workers and offshored teams.

In my spare time I practice Jiu Jitsu and like getting together with friends for games.

I live in Haarlem with my partner and 2 kids.

Specialties: HR, IT, Agile Transformation, people-management, leadership 

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Marco de JongMarco: I am senior manager with in depth knowledge of IT government and architecture, design and development processes, development centers and delivery. I am specialised in creating professional communities, by combining a high level vision with a down to earth attitude.

In 2007 I worked for the same international IT firm as Christiaan and as we both shared interest in the principles and practices of management and leadership, we often found ourself discussing a wide variety of related topics. As such, I was asked to contribute my own – most of the time less binary – vision on management and leadership.

So I started blogging on the YFNUM website on June 28th, 2007 and have made several contributions throughout the years. At October 1st 2012 I started my own blog to focus more on my personal experience and sharing best practices in the field of management, leadership development and Lean.

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