Christiaan Lam – over de dagelijkse avonturen van een mobiele manager
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Manager attitude principle 4: Teamwork

We are a team.
Which means, make time for eachother both planned and unplanned.

team·work [teem-wurk]
1. cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.
2. work done with a team.

A team is a group of people with a common goal and an implicit agreement about how to reach that goal. By definition, the personal goals of the teammembers should not conflict with the teams goals. In a good team, there is also a shared responsibility.

The core tenet of Teamwork is coöperation. Working together, ‘two know more than one’, ‘the effectivity of a team is more then the sum of its individual members’ etcetera, are all true.

For being effective as a team, clear agreements and regular (if not daily) communication is necessary. The agreements and tasks are best synchronised by communicating with each other. This communication can be both planned (meetings) and unplanned (coffee-corner talk), and can be bilateral as well as groupwise. Time saved by applying principle 2 can be used for this. As a side-effect, proper communications improve the teamspirit and thereby the effectivity of the team.

So, make time for each other to communicate, talk and you will see teamspirit and -effectivity increase.

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